Wind-Tech Services GmbH Rechlin

The Wind-Tech Services Rechlin GmbH is a service provider with head office in Germany. As a young and vigorous company, we concentrate on high technical and economical requirements and specifications in the wind power business.

We guarantee the care of the wind turbine through a comprehensive expertise and experienced professionals who have acquired their skills by leading manufacturers.

Wind-Tech Services GmbH - Special Unit

For the realisation of certain tasks we have founded the "Wind-Tech Services GmbH - Special Unit", which is based in Rostock. This specialised and experienced division of our company executes all blade an tower relevant tasks on a highly skilled level implementing the highest safety standards.

Our services for wind energy plants

Due to our experienced specialists and our europe-wide network of offices, we are able to offer a broad variety of services on a high quality level.

The spectrum of our services reaches from assessment, maintenance and repair, to cleaning towers and inspecting security related parts. Other main focuses are related to the rotor blade services and component replacement.

Feel free to contact us, to get more detailed information about our services.

  • commissioning
  • service and support
  • maintenance and retrofits
  • reports und analysis
  • repeated inspections & repair
  • component replacement
  • tower work
  • blade services
  • technical (system) expertise
Maintenance & service support
Repowering & component replacement
Safety inspections
Tower- & blade service
Advanced training

Europe-wide network of offices

The demand for our services has grown all over Europe.For our customers we are actively en route in Scandinavian countries, Great Britain, Benelux countries, Italy, Turkey, Greece, France and Germany.

Our aim is an optimal solution for you. Our more than 130 worldwide highly qualified and dedicated employees, are the foundation for that.  

We offer a europe-wide service for the maintenance of wind energy plants, just contact us and we talk about your opportunities .

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The Wind Tech Services Rechlin GmbH is young and vigorous company, that was founded in 2010. Since the foundation we have successfully executed  a variety of projects and generated a large number of satisfied customers. This table highlights our achievements over the last years.

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
maintenance & service support  839  914  1114  1104  1522
gearbox exchange / offshore  2
gearbox exchange / onshore  6  11
transformer maintenance  345  450
generator alignment  284  385
commissioning support be carried out continuously
punch list activities be carried out continuously
turbine inspections  107  170 210
safety inspections  112  125  225  330  451
blade inspections  86
cleaning tower  32

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EEC SCC DGUV IOSH (GB) OSH (Finnland) GWO etc.

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